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Who are we

'Powa' your business, the Powahaus way:

Every action, every decision measured in 3 ways

Our Intent

Sometimes in business, processes, strategy, and outcomes make it all look too confusing; we strive for intent and will help you learn to focus on what you're really working towards.

Our Purpose

Everyone wants to belong and feel like they're contributing to something bigger, something greater in life. We'll help you learn to drive focus on that purpose, no matter how big or small.

Our Result

We won't waste your time with 20-page reports, on numbers, statistics, and pretty colours; we'll keep it simple, and will measure it on what matters to you, not just what looks good on paper.

Meet our lead specialists

The Powahaus team

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Matthew S.

Lead Specialist / Business Advisor

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J-mi C.

Lead Specialist / UX & Web Design

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Joel B.

SEO & PPC / Digital Marketing Advisor

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David P.

IT / Multimedia Advisor

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David Ph.

Finance / Grants Advisor

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Shaun S.

Consumer Psychology / Behaviour Advisor

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John P.

Telecommunications Advisor

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Mukesh K.

Lead Specialist / Web & App Development

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Mark W.

Printing / Signage Advisor

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Richard O.

Lead Specialist / B2B Content Writer

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