We work with many businesses, we can't show them all, but here some recent & featured ones:

Strategic marketing & consultation services like no other

Firstly, welcome to Powahaus.
We’re first and foremost a strategic & marketing consulting agency. We have worked with over 400+ businesses across many industries, including services, medical, trades, finance, real estate, and more.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we incorporate business coaching and strategic planning into your marketing activities to align all areas of your business that traditional agencies would not be able to influence. But it doesn’t just stop there.

Strategy & Consultation

Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective. Whatever your long-term or short-term business goals are, we can work with you to strategise and achieve them.

SMC Services

Why hire a full-time limited resource to manage tasks, when you can have an entire team, multi-skilled and experienced dedicated to your business, and more.

Project Services

Have an upcoming project in mind? From complete custom design to quick and easy simple solutions, websites, UX, apps, branding, development, and more.

From 14 to 90+ students per month…

Project Service – Feedback

I have built a client base from 14 students per month to over 90 students per month!!!

Thanks to the excellent on-going advice, consultation, and support that the team from Powahaus have provided; especially with their website which time in time again, explains our service offerings to a very complicated market.

Our website which Is very simple to navigate and explains our courses available, and straight to the point. Not like some websites which are very difficult to comprehend!!!! We couldn’t be more happy with the team, and will continue to work with them into the future!

Electrical Training Academy

Cut processsing time by half…

Project Service – Feedback

We are an online based floral company with all of our orders taken through our website. Powahaus has created an amazing automated system that was easily adapted to help streamline our daily deliveries and cut the processing time by half.

This project implemented this procedure extremely fast and without any disruption to our daily orders and followed up after the completion of the application.

We continue to use Powahaus’s services in all of our website processes due to his understanding of our systems, excellent service and fast turn around times.

Floral State

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