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Welcome to Powahaus.

Your next strategic marketing, coaching, and consulting partner.

We are a team of Business Professionals brought together by a genuine love of what we do and desire to help others achieve their business goals and success.

Providing a down to earth, real approach that offers the flexibility you need to suit your business needs and budget. We don’t bombard every conversation with unnecessary “BUZZwords” or 3 letter acronyms; just as we don’t hide behind a wall of data and hidden truths. Every conversation is direct, straight to the point, and plain English; so you will always know where you’re at, and what’s coming next.

From your brief, we’ll work to deliver the best outcomes, with honest deadlines – that will take the pressure off running your day to day business. With expertise, on-going clients, and in-house services across multiple industry types, this overlapping exposure brings fresh ideas and new solutions to each and every business we work with.

We provide a real approach, to supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our team has an array of experience and expertise in all areas of business and life, from the great success stories you often read or see in those cheesy “business increased by 5,000%” adverts on LinkedIn; to the reality of when a business can go wrong, and really cost you an arm and a leg.

With over 400 businesses and growing, our team is proud to support and assist businesses of all ages and sizes to grow, prosper and achieve their goals. From training & educational providers, member & wholesale groups, to service based providers, and more.

Take the next step, don’t think about it - just do it.
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